Make Great Light Brings High Quality Lighting to Schools

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - Make Great Light is providing learning institutions with environmentally friendly and stress reducing fluorescent light filters. The filters help in absorption of harmful UV rays, giving the user a safer and healthier environment.

According to the Make Great Light representative, the NaturaLux light filters have a number of benefits to the user. These benefits revolve around the environmental safety, comfort and reduction of fatigue and stress. Use of these light filters has been said to enhance student performance, as it decreases the level of visual fatigue as well as increases the concentration level. The light filters help in elimination of glare, improvement of eye coordination, reduction in overall visual fatigue, blocking ultraviolet light and color balancing harsh fluorescent light. Spectrally enhanced lighting has also been shown to reduce symptoms of seasonal depression.

Make Great Light has distributed the fluorescent light filters to a number of learning institutions. .Among the Higher learning institutions that have bought the fluorescent light filters are: University of Central Florida, University of Louisiana at Monroe, Eastern Carolina University, Indiana State University, University of Washington and Denver Seminary. Other education centers that have benefited from Make Great Light high quality lighting are: Alden Central School District - Alden, NY, Indian River School District - Georgetown, DE among other learning institutions.

According to the reviews which were seen by this media, customers expressed gratitude and satisfaction. A number of recent customers talked of a great product which has made a difference in their institutions. One customer had this to say about the product “this is an Amazing Classroom Product!” Another customer, Adrienne M. Donaway, ILC Teacher at Georgetown Middle School had this to say about the product, “I’m a classroom teacher and love these light filters! The difference you see between the florescent lighting and the warm glow of the light filters is amazing. I can't recommend this product enough!”

About Make Great Light
Make Great Light (MAKE LLC) sells NaturaLux fluorescent light filters. Make Great Light is based in Anchorage, AK with offices and distribution from Minneapolis, MN.

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