A New Creative Content Food Agency Launches!

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - A company that is changing the way food photography and content are packaged and delivered has been launched. Halenko Creative Agency is the new kid on the block, offering high quality, creative and affordable content to food businesses and brands.

“We create winning proposals; we are a one stop shop where you can get a variety of services. We work very closely with the food industry experts; the chefs, registered dieticians among others,” said Elis Halenko, the business owner while introducing the company.

While announcing the launch, the owner, Elis Halenko said they provide an array of services to help the businesses have a competitive advantage. “ You will get a food Photographer to capture quality images of the products that you sell, a food stylist and blogger to give you the content that meets your marketing needs,” said Elis Halenko while outlining the services that are offered by Halenko Creative Agency. “All these persons are industry experts, sourced locally, we aim not only at promoting the locals but also in selecting the best, people who are not only talented in creative content creation but also experienced enough to know what works for the industry,” added Elis Halenko.

"Ideas are cheap, innovation is priceless" "we specialize in working with start ups and small businesses, who are the ones that need exposure and engaging content the most” “We have shaped food brands and we love to see how people respond to our work, its energizes us, its why we exist and do what we do,” said Elis Halenko while emphasizing on the company’s role in the local community.

About Halenko Creative Agency
Halenko Creative Agency is a local business delivering high quality , creative and affordable content to food businesses and brands of all sizes.

Media Contact :
416 625 8258

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