Meet the New Empowering Sensation: The Suite Dream Dollz

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - September 26th, 2016 - Meet the New Empowering Sensation: The Suite Dream Dollz
20 year old Shanya Anderson and 10 year old Shalyn Vanderhorst are happy to announce their new book “Suite Dream Dollz” whose mission is to empower young girls around the world.

These two young girls have come up with a story that will encourage little girls to have confidence and courage to follow their dreams in a positive way and to be positive role models to other girls around the world.

The new book is about a group of 5 ambitious girls, Destini, Faithe, Hope, Myracle, and Star who meet at a talent based summer camp. Their story is quite captivating, and at the end the readers will get inspired to think big.

The Suite Dream Dollz is great for girls with low self-esteem and are looking for positive reinforcement.

“Studies have shown that 47 percent of girls suffer from low self-esteem due to body image, a negative view of themselves, and just feeling that they are not good enough. We want to change that,” the authors say.

Inside the book, the readers will find experience stories that will catapult their confidence and motivate them to overcome challenges to achieve their goals.

About Shanya Anderson and Shalyn Vanderhorst:
Shanya Anderson and Shalyn Vanderhorst are sisters. Shanya Anderson is a 20 years old girl who is currently in college studying to get her bachelors' degree in business while writing new books for the series. Shalyn Vanderhorst is a 10 year old girl who takes college courses at Mercer University in the summer and is on the Duke Talent Identification Program (T.I.P) which is affiliated with Duke University. She loves to write and hang out with her friends.

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