The Sword of Telemon wins Silver

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“The Sword of Telemon,” a thrilling novel that explores a variety of cultures in the ancient Mediterranean world, conveying the spirit of the Bronze Age in a way that has never been told before, has won a prestigious award. The Murray Lee Eiland Jr book has won a Silver Medal in the Young Adult - Adventure category at the 2016 International Book Award Contest.

While making the announcement, the Readers' Favorite spokesperson said that the book has been recognized for its engagement as well as conveyance of history and culture in a manner that stands out from the rest. While a majority of the novels which are set around the Bronze Age tend to portray heroes through sex and violence, Murray Lee Eiland Jr chooses to use an approach that thrills and entertains youth - as well as adults - without exposing them to themes which have a negative influence.

The book features the trials and tribulation of a young Achaean prince, Orfeo. The prince was on a quest to save his older brother. During the process he comes into contact with the refined culture of the Minoans, and discovers their secretive world. On the journey he makes friends and in the end becomes a legend. The author has told the story in a captivating way, as one reader said, ”it is hard to stop reading once you turn the first page.”

Manhattan Book Review described the book as a powerful drama, one where conflicts mount pretty fast, making it hard to stop reading. It is a book that lovers of history have called addictive.

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