Trusted Colorectal Surgeon Offers Lipoma Removal Los Angeles to Patients

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - Dr. Allen Kamrava has been providing top-of-the-line medical care for his patients for many years. As a board-certified general and colorectal surgeon, he is able to treat a wide variety of conditions and ailments. Some of the conditions he treats include condyloma fulgration, lipoma removal Los Angeles , sebaceous cysts, skin mole excision and temporal artery biopsy. Through a thorough education and many years of experience in the field, Dr. Kamrava has become a trusted surgeon in the medical community.

Dr. Kamrava received his Bachelor of Science degree from University of California, Los Angeles. From there, he earned two more degrees, one in business administration from The Fox School of Business and one in medicine at Temple University’s School of Medicine. He completed his general surgical residency at Kaiser Permanente in Los Angeles. Finally, he finished his fellowship in colon and rectal surgery at the University of Pennsylvania. His lipoma removal Los Angeles services are among the best on the entire west coast.

Although lipomas aren’t often considered to be an urgent medical condition, they can cause minor health issues if they are left untreated. Lipoma removal Los Angeles services are necessary to eradicate them properly the first time around. Dr. Kamrava offers this service to Los Angeles patients and patients in the surrounding Southern California communities. He can provide detailed information about your lipoma that will help you make the best treatment decision for you.

About Dr. Allen Kamrava

Dr. Allen Kamrava is a board-certified surgeon who specializes in colorectal surgery. He and his medical team have built a trustworthy reputation among their patients. Dr. Kamrava offers a wide range of services, including lipoma removal Los Angeles. His practice is located at 9001 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 104. Beverly Hills, CA 90211. For more information about the doctor, visit his website or call (424) 279-8222.

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Allen Kamrava
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Phone Number: (424) 279-8222
Address: Beverly Hills, CA

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