Interracial Dating App Now Available on GooglePlay and iTunes Stores

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - Expanding your options will help you to find someone special to date, or perhaps even find a lifetime partner. Interracial Match is the #1 interracial dating app since 2001, and can be found in the GooglePlay and iTunes stores. This dating app is dated mature 17+.

There are some great features in this dating app that you wonít find in a regular online dating site. You can view other membersí daily moments, a lot like on social media posts. You can also swipe your screen to find new singles who are near you. This will help you to find someone to date much faster.

There is every race on the Interracial Dating app, whether youíre white, black, Hispanic/Latino, Asian, mixed and even more. Connect with people who have their heritage from every part of the world. Itís fun and exciting to meet new people!

This dating company has been around since 2001. Since then, theyíve helped other singles to find love, friendship, or even just support. The app boasts over 980,000 singles on it right now. Most likely youíll find someone special too.

The app is simple and easy to use. Many dating apps arenít all that great, or they donít offer a lot of features, but youíll find that this app has everything you need. It works well and is fun to use. Youíll find that there are a wide selection of males and females in the USA.

The app also has a chatting feature, so you can chat with other singles. This gives you an opportunity to see if these singles are right for you before you decide to meet in real life. If youíre using the free version you can still message and reply to other singles.

The app will also verify your photo, age, and occupation, which provides an additional level of security. You can also add testimonials from family and friends.

The app is missing a few key features that youíll see on online dating sites, but perhaps these are in the works. There is no option to post a video, nor to do a video chat. You also canít see the date a member was last logged in unless you visit their profile directly.

There is a free version to try out the app, and then after that point you must pay about $15.95 a month and up.

Ensure that it works with your smart phone first, to avoid disappointment. You may need to update to your latest OS. The app had a new update in September, and they continue to update it regularly. Youíll need an Android with 4.0.3 and up operating system.

Interracial Match is the largest dating site for other singles interested in interracial dating. If you want to try something new, give the free version a try. If you like it, the monthly cost is minimal when compared to one of the online dating services. You could be on your way to your next date, or even better, have a partner for life!

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