Airwheel smart panasonic electric bike battery Reduce Road Killers

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - Police department warns that some electric bikes and electromobiles are running too fast on the road and some can even reach a speed from 40 to 60 km/h. The over speed vehicles are becoming road killers. These vehicle producers are absolutely irresponsible for customers and the society. As a senior manufacturer of intelligent commuting vehicles, Airwheel e bike has launched two foldable e bike this year. Both the two products have placed riders safety in the first place.

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Airwheel has set a speed limit for all its existing products, from electric self-balancing scooters to e bikes. Airwheel E3 and E6 can reach a maximum speed of only 20 km/h. For different users, they can customize the speed via an app. There is a speed limit setting function on the app. Besides, the app provide services, like fault self-diagnosis. Airwheel E3 electric folding bike and E6 are intelligent vehicles, supported by the app over the phone. If riders donít trust themselves when riding, then they should count on the intelligence to give them protection. Braking system also matters a lot for the e bikes. Airwheel folding e bike E6 has an intelligent EBS braking system, which offers optimized power scheme. Each breaking is done after accurate calculation. In case of emergency, the system will demonstrate efficient agility and stability when riders brake.

Blind pursuit of speed is not a reasonable way to save people out of the congested traffic. Small, foldable and portable vehicles like Airwheel electric folding bikes are countermeasures. In face of congestion, taking the foldable vehicles onto buses and metros, seem to be the right move. At any time, ridersí safety is of paramount importance. Customers familiar with Airwheel electric scooters may already get informed how foldable these vehicles are.

As globalization advances, the world is becoming one homogeneous and highly competitive marketplace. To break away from the homogeneity, Airwheel will launch more quality and distinguished products. On the other hand, it will conform to the safety standards of the booming intelligent commuting vehicle market.

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