New channel promotes joy of reading to children

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - Children like reading and more so when this is done in an enjoyable manner. The idea of giving children something that will make them read as well as listen to great children’s writing led to the birth of a new children's book YouTube channel, Storytime Pup. The YouTube channel, which hosts works of the most talented children’s authors, seeks to promote reading culture among children. “We want to capture them when they are still young, give them something which they enjoy and also interest them in stories that will shape their lives,” said the channel’s owner and founder Bill McManus while articulating the main objective of Storytime Pup.

“Parents searching for channels where children can listen to stories will find Storytime Pup useful,” added Bill. The YouTube channel has ensured that the children’s work which is featured on the channel meets their standards. Storytime Pup prides itself on picking only the most talented and best authors. They seriously vet the authors to ensure that the content is appropriate for children, and also make sure that it not only aims to entertain children but also gives vital lessons in life.

The platform is not only gives children a chance to make reading fun, but also exposes them to great and talented writers. The idea behind the creation of this channel was to give the authors a chance to showcase their works. ”With our channel, authors, who previously did not have a platform to make their work known, can now tell it to the world, help others have fun and also enjoy their creativity,” Bill said, while outlining the exposure they are giving to great and talented but yet-to-be-discovered children’s works authors.

How the idea was born
“Storytime Pup Channel was launched on May 1st,” said one of the Storytime Pup Staff. The founder of the children’s channel had just written and released their first children's book. Having worked in the Kindle environment, he saw there were great authors in children’s work but they were not getting the exposure they deserved. At the same time, the children were not getting a chance to see these great works. He thought that video, and more particularly, YouTube would give a chance to authors to showcase their work and talent and at the same time, as well as give children, the majority of whom spend quality time on the internet, a chance to read and watch great works that have been done by talented and great authors.

“And to take it to the next step my wife and I came up with the idea for the Storytime Pup character and a YouTube Channel,” said Bill while summing up the birth of a children’s YouTube channel. The channel started off with 20 authors, but has now grown to more than a hundred. It features some of the top children's book authors on Amazon as well as many other award winning children's book authors.

Parents have appreciated the idea and have shown great interest in the channel. This is judged by the comments which have been left by those who have used the channel to help their children read stories. "A wonderful resource for students, teachers, and parents," said Teresa B. _of South Dakota ."Part of our new bedtime routine,” said Robbie K of Maryland while disclosing that she had found the channel very useful.

About Storytime Pup
Storytime Pup is a children's channel that is all about children's books, music, imagination and most of all fun. A channel that parents will love also as it is both fun and educational.

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