Lasertag Basel: Have a Joyful Gaming Experience with Improved Services

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October 7, 2016: Lasertag is a thrilling game that requires several equipments and can be enjoyed by everyone no matter what age or gender. It has become the epitome of fun sport for people of any ages around the world. You can contact to avail their excellent lasertag game services for any occasion like birthday party, corporate event, social gathering and many more.

The professionals of the company will give you a safe, enjoyable and wonderful gaming experience. They offer 24 game modes like “Capture The Flag", "laser ball" or "zombie", equipped with video stations and many interactive elements making it one of the most advanced in the world of Basel. Lasertag Basel offer gaming services at affordable prices to their valued customers.

Once you are equipped with phasers and vest, you enter the Lasertag Arena in Basel, you find yourself in a spaceship full of interactive displays, crazed robot, secret traps and hidden rewards. If you want to avail the improved services of Lasertag Basel, you can enter into the annual membership and entitled to use all their exclusive content.

Lasertag Basel offers a great gaming experience to the players and they would definitely leave the arena with lot of smile on their face. Call them today to avail their lasertag services at cost-effective prices. Build a healthy environment in your office by making all the employees take part in the game. This is a great game to play with friends, family members, and colleagues, which is great as a very productive team building event. Bring the enjoyment of lasertag to your next party, event, or everyday playtime.

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Lasertag Basel is a reputed company offering lasertag gaming services for people of all ages at affordable prices. For more information visit

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Author Name: F-Sharp GmbH
Business/Company Name: Lasertag Basel
Local Address: Henric-Petri Strasse 23
Phone Number: 0041612839009
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