Excelite Reintroduces Fall Offers (40% OFF) for Polycarbonate Swimming Pool Enclosures

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - Suzhou, China - Excelite, the leading manufacturer and supplier of polycarbonate swimming pool enclosures , today announced that the company has reduced its prices by 20% to 40%. This begins from the month of October to November and it aims to allow swimming pool owners acquire Excelite polycarbonate pool enclosures before winter begins in December.

“We do this every year since Excelite value all its customers globally and this is a better way to install Excelite pool enclosures for as low as $2, 999,” said Angela, Excelite Plastics Ltd. General Manager. “Our pool enclosures come with a 15 year warranty period and we have designed them to last for more than 25 years. As always, we use Alibaba’s trade assurance. You just have to place your order, make a 30% down payment and our able technical team will process it and deliver to your door stet before winter begins.”

Unlike in other global markets, the demand for swimming pool enclosures is usually highest during the fall. In fact, a number of pool enclosure manufacturing companies have so far increased their prices due to high demand. So, this comes as a good news to most homeowners, especially some few months before winter.

Excelite Plastic Ltd. has increased its production capacity to handle high volume of orders the company expects to receive within the few coming months. This aims to reduce lead time and speed up the pool enclosure delivery process.

Below are five different Excelite swimming pool enclosure models in the fall offer:

Excelite Model A

This model has a curved surface (semi-circular design). It is a 3m by 6m pool enclosure, which is at least 1.12m high. Excelite has reduced its price to $2,999 (62% off) from $8,000. Model A is generally a low profile swimming pool enclosure constructed from extruded aluminum rods and solid polycarbonate sheet.

Excelite Model B

Model B is a 4m by 8m polycarbonate swimming pool enclosure with an average height of 1.4m. The enclosure goes for $4,000 (55% off) from $8,999.

Excelite Model C

Model C is a 5m by 10m pool enclosure with an average height of 1.4 meters. The current market price is $6,500 (53% off) from $14,000.

Excelite Model D

It is a 7.5m by 14m polycarbonate swimming pool enclosure with a height of 1.7m. The enclosure will be retailing at $8,999 (47% off) down from $17,000.

Excelite Model F

Model F measures 6.5m by 10m. The current price is $9,000 (40% off) from $15,000. Unlike the other four designs with curved or semicircular roofing design, Excelite Model F has a gable roofing design.

All interested customers can contact the company directly from the main website of Alibaba.

About Excelite Plastics Ltd.

Excelite Plastic Ltd is the leading polycarbonate swimming pool manufacturer in China. With a price range between $2,999 and $12,000; the enclosures offer a price advantage and conforms to required safety standards (ASTM and CE). Excelite pool enclosures come with a 15 year warranty with unmatched wind speed and snow load rating.

Excelite Plastics Ltd.
Tel no: +86-13913597881 / +8621-6156-2921
Email: sales@exceliteplas.com
Website: http://www.exceliteplas.com/

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