IdrasilRx finalized plans for their new laboratory facility in Southern California

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - IdrasilRx today finalized plans for the grounds for their first state of the art production laboratory at a super secure location in Southern California. The lab facility will be used by the team to manufacture their medical cannabis pill: Idrasil.

Idrasil, a 25mg tablet, is the first all-natural, standardized and consistent tablet that is derived 100% from cannabis. Unlike any other cannabis based product, such as those obtained through dispensaries, Idrasil is pharmaceutical grade and is prescribed by a doctor based on a formulation of six milligrams for every 100lbs of weight per six hours, thus standardizing titration and ensuring proper dosage.

“We are excited to begin scaling production. It’s been the product of years of hard work, conforming to regulations and getting major private insurers to reimburse Idrasil.” said Steele Clarke Smith III, Chairman and CEO of C3 International, Inc, parent company of Idrasil.

Medical Marijuana has recently seen traction as the FDA has recently removed the NIDA restriction on growth of the drug for research purposes. The removal of the NIDA restriction means that vastly more research can occur that will quickly highlight the medical benefits of Cannabis.

“We welcome the recent DEA decision as we are confident the science on medical Cannabis will eventually prevail and it’s great that we will now see this happen at a potentially accelerated rate,” said Steele.

Idrasil has seen a 500% increase in insurers willing to cover the drug for their patients. Recently the California State Workman’s Comp was brought on board- bringing one of the largest insurers in America’s most populous state to the cadre of companies subsidizing the drug for their patients.

“Getting Idrasil approval by major private insurers is a key goal for the team.” Said Steele “As a harm-reduction measure, we need to ensure that all Californians can count on their insurance providers to cover non-opioid pain medication option.”

With the recent rise in Fentanyl related illicit drug activity across the country, increasing the supply of non-addictive Cannabinoid based medications can play a part in harm-reduction.

“We line up across from several opioid based medications, and I’m confident that in most cases, from a medical perspective, we are an overmatch for them” said Steele “The harm reduction from a non-addictive, Cannabinoid based drug, such as Idrasil is clear. Furthermore, long term use of Idrasil is proven to have no harmful, physiological side effects, such as liver damage, which is scientifically proven to result from extended use of opioid based medications like Vicodin, OxyContin or Fentanyl. Let alone the resulting addiction, from which, opiate detox often kills.


C3 International Inc is currently in its final round of private funding and the opportunity to invest in this product is about to close. With an all-natural approach to pain management, sleep aide, neurological and even spectrum disorders, Idrasil offers an effective alternative to side-effects and the addictive nature of many pharmaceutical products.

Steele Clarke Smith III
Company: C3 International Inc
Phone: 714-865-5300
Address: 13210 harbor blvd. #187 Garden Grove 92843, CA

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