Enjoy the Weekend by Sliding Airwheel Z5 1000w electric scooter lithium battery

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - The aim of Airwheel goes far more than bringing convenience to peopleís traveling, itís also about improving peopleís life quality and letting them enjoy free intelligent life. With a great variety of intelligent transport devices, Airwheel tries to give you a brand new traveling experience. More than transport tools, Airwheel vehicles provide you a good way to unwind. For example, you can enjoy the weekend by sliding Z5 electric drift hoverboard around the city. https://twitter.com/AirwheelCZ/status/780318591295983616

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Airwheel Z5 electric drift hoverboard can take you for joyrides around the city. Slim in shape, electrically powered and having a maximum speed of 20 km/h, Z5 can let you move like a wind. In the sliding process, you can throw aside your unhappy memories and get immersed in the excitement brought by speed. By riding Z5, you can release your tension, get refreshed and regain your courage to meet the stress positively. In a word, you can change a mood and get invigorated by sliding Z5.

Airwheel Z5 urban e scooter can also make you comfortable and healthy at the same time. Having customized bump-patterned tyres and excellent dual shock mitigation systems, Z5 can let you have a smooth and graceful sliding experience. Of humane design, the foldable pedals of Z5 let you ride in the obverse standing posture to get comfortable while its adjustable operation rod can suit your own individual needs. So attentive as it is, Z5 will let you fall in love with riding it. Whatís more, going outside to ride Z5 can let you bid farewell to your indoorsy lifestyle and do good to your body while the adoption of the standing posture can help burn your calories and make you fit and healthy. So that with an Airwheel Z5 electric scooter, you will not stay be inactive and unhealthy any more, on the contrary, you will be sunny and healthy. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_FeSTAIKpmk

In summary, Airwheel Z5 electric drift hoverboard can let you enjoy your weekend.

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Company Name: Airwheel Holding Limited
Contact Person: Eric
Address: Los Angeles, CA, USA
E-mail: sales@airwheel.net
Website: http://www.airwheel.net

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