Learn the Best and the Worst of Beijing from the Global Times

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - Find the latest and hottest news from throughout Beijing with the Global Times Metro Beijing News. All the finest and some disheartening issues and stories are covered. Trust only the ones trusted by international press, powerful public entities, and even by the academe.

Global Times Provides 8-Page Daily Supplements for Beijing to Keep Readers Updated

Considered as the nation¡¯s economic, cultural, political, international, and educational communication and trade centre located in the northern part of China, Beijing is one of two China cities to join the list of the greatest cities in the world. Beijing is also considered as the heart & soul of the China society and politics throughout the country¡¯s long history. That is not to mention the unparalleled wealth of sceneries and discoveries constantly intriguing travellers and visitors. The latter constantly explore China¡¯s ancient past as well as exciting and fast modern development. These days, Beijing is considered as one of the most famous travel destinations with around 4.4 million foreign visitors and 140 million local tourists in a year.

The lifestyle in this fast-paced mega city is constantly changing. All the changes and other exciting stories specifically happening in this city will be brought to you by the Global Times, providing an 8-page daily supplements for Beijing to keep readers always updated of the recent happenings.

Better Understand Beijing with the Global Times English news edition

Global Times does not only keep local readers updated, as the newspaper also give readers from different corners of the globe an opportunity to see what Beijing got or what are the latest happenings in this mega city through the English-Language China news. Be it all about politics news, breaking news, business news, and so much more, the Global Times have you covered.

Only the Real News

Global News is known for providing not only the latest news but also the most trustworthy news around Beijing. All the stories have in-depth coverage, ensuring that each story is reliable and true. The international press as well as the public entities has already expressed their commendation as well as praise to the newspaper¡¯s reliability, which likely reflects their success.

Subscribe to be updated with the Latest Daily Beijing News

Be updated daily either through visiting the globaltimes website or through subscribing into the Global Times Beijing edition. Apart from providing the latest news around Beijing, the Global Times also delivers the hottest military news, business news , biz news, as well as news from different corners of the globe and, of course, the China news.

Do not miss any important happenings around Beijing and learn the latest issues that affect the city through subscribing. For more information about subscription, you can simply visit the globaltimes subscription website or email them at subscription@globaltimes.com.cn. For queries about the newspaper subscription offers, you can personally call the Global Times customer representatives at +86 10 6536 9602. You can also visit the Global Times at The Global Times English Edition, 2 Jintai Xilu, Chaoyang District, Beijing 100026, China.

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