Home N Garden Boutique Introduces Many Attractive Décor Items

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - Home N Garden Boutique is an online store that deals exclusively with decorative products for the indoors as well as gardens.

The patio décor and home furniture can become monotonous after some time and people are always looking for ways to make them interesting. From adding benches to wall murals and planting new seeds, there are many such ideas. Some enthusiasts wish to create a particular style of décor in the house and with their gardening techniques. All of these endeavors require the relevant products and there are many websites that offer the same.

Home N Garden Boutique is one such online portal that provides a number of choices in home and garden décor. There are items for patio, furniture and other gardening tools and equipment. The prices of all their products have been described as reasonable by their clients. As far as the quality is concerned, they are of high quality and pass through a number of tests before being added to the catalogue.

At Home N Garden Boutique, the products are available in different categories so that it becomes convenient for people to identify items that they need. It provides a safe payment gateway system. Apart from this, the description that comes with each item is detailed and it makes it easier for potential buyers to know enough about them so as to take a decision. There are several new items that have been introduced recently.

Listed below are a few featured products available at Home N Garden Boutique:

• Bulb Shape Glass Vase Micro Landscape Eco Bottle With Holder $7.44.
• Portable High Precision Garden Plant Soil PH Meter Moisture Tester Sensor $37.24.
• 3D Christmas Santa Claus Presents PAG STICKER Wall Decals Sticker Home Wall Decor Gift $16.74.
• PAG STICKER 3D Wall Decals Cloud Layer Wall Hole Sky Sticker Home Wall Decor Gift $16.74.
• GreatHouse PIR Sensor Animal Repeller Garden Ultrasonic Bird Expeller $30.38.
• 6pcs Christmas Tree Decoration White Star Hanging Ornaments $3.88.
• 100pcs Waterproof Garden Plants Vegetable Fruit Labels $8.06.
• Vegetable Garden Safe Snail Trap Physics Environmental Limax Snail Slug Trapper $4.74.

About Home N Garden Boutique
The website at Home N Garden Boutique claims that there is an online contact form which can be used by interested buyers in case of any queries.

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