Emma Has A Dilemma, A New Children’s Book that Teaches Grammar to 4-8 Year Old Children, Hits the Online Market; Published by Authorhouse and Written by Dana & Amber Wall

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - Manhattan Beach, CA, November 24, 2016 /PressReleasePing/ - Emma and Wizard Jake go on a journey in learning grammar because grammar can be fun. And with Emma Has A Dilemma, the journey begins....

And with the wave of a magic wand, “Emma Has A Dilemma” has appeared at online bookstores everywhere from Amazon to Barnes and Noble to Google Play as well as indiebound.org, Bookgrabrr.com, Authorhouse.com, emmahasadilemma.com, booksamillion.com to over 38,000 other sites.

Emma, the protagonist, has just gotten an F on a nouns versus pronouns test and doesn't have a clue what to do about it. Wizard Jake appears out of nowhere to help. A wizard armed with a wand: a pencil with an A on top, a notebook paper cape, and a command of grammar and the English language, Jake teaches Emma how to turn that F to an A with a lesson in nouns and pronouns.

But Jake isn’t finished yet. The Emma series which will be coming in December in 3 children's picture books with Jake using every trick up the notebook paper sleeve to teach Emma everything from Metaphors and Similes to Conjunctions to Superlatives to Comparatives in "Emma Jane goes on a Plane," "Emma's All Gloom as she Cleans Her Room," and "Emma Beams during a Wonderful Dream."

Emma and Jake come together from two different worlds but form an unbreakable bond.

Find out everything happening in the World of Emma has a Dilemma at http://emmahasadilemma1.com.

Press Contact:
Dana Wall
Head Writer
Emma Has A Dilemma!
433 7th Street Manhattan Beach, CA 90266

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