Chef Murph Publishes 250 Basic Thanksgiving Recipes

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November 24, 2016: Chef Murph Keith Thomas Murphy is a very popular volunteer shelter Chef, cooking food at homeless shelters and soup kitchens around the country. He believes food brings people and culture to the table to converse and where problems can be resolved. His way of cooking is known as Global Fusion Americana which is the melting pot of cultures and food from around the world.

Chef Murph was born on 1st May, 1963 and raised in Camden, New Jersey but presently he resides in South Jersey along with his family. He was an American long haul Trucker with over 25 years, 3.2 million miles driving in 49 states and 3 Providences of Canada and cooked at seafood restaurant. He is also writing a series of free cookbooks about healthy eating which are easily downloadable.

His Global Fusion Americana Series contain 250 thanksgiving recipes to get you started from brining to sides. He attends most festivals involving food between Philly, NYC and Boston. Chef Murph is the founder of Humans for People Foundation, whose goal is to try and save donated food giving in yet another life at food banks. Also he is a founding partner of the International Hospitality Society.

While working as a road trucker he educated himself by using WIFI HotSpots and classroom on weekends in the areas of: Production, Logistics, Marketing, Culinary, Pastry, Environmental Studies, Sustainability, Social Factors, Film and Photography, and The Science of: Nutrition. Chef Murph always believes good food makes for better decisions. His passion is for food and the feeding of people. Anyone can also send their recipes to update book at

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Chef Murph is an eminent celebrity chef that volunteers cooking at homeless shelters and soup kitchens around the country. You can get more information at

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Author Name: Chef Murph
Local Address: 10 Acrux Court, Sewell NJ
Phone Number: 856.6686153
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