Ten cooking tips for everyone to make healthy food

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - When we talk about the cooking tips a lot of information comes in front of us. These may or may not be useful but certainly advised by the cooking masters floating their recipes on different medium. There are enormous sites that are offering the cooking tips for making healthy diet. These are quite important in making a positive change in your dietary habits. In this article we will focus on the ten tips that are useful in making healthy food.
These tips are categorized on three basis that are part of the cooking process including the preparation of the food, selection of food materials, and the methods of cooking.
Tips on healthy food Preparation
1. Substitute the portions with whole parts
2. Avoid fine chopping as much as possible
3. Donít hanker for the pastes
4. Take the roughage as important diet portion
Tips on selecting the food
5. List out the dangerous food for you
6. Avoid the foods with heavy fat
7. Keep away from the carbohydrate rich diets
8. Avoid the harmful chemicals
Tips on method of cooking
9. Avoid over hating
10. Donít deep fry the foods
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