Goofi Juice: 3 Lord of the Juice from Y0$#! (Yoshi) “The Cat In Da Hat” rapper

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November 25, 2016: The hiphop music artist known as Y0$#! (Yoshi) has released his latest project, “Goofi Juice 3: Lord of the Juice” on 31st October, 2016 which is gladly published on the Yoshi Crew Ent record level. It is a genuine, soft music album for all of us which fans of all music genres are sure to enjoy and written with the betterment of all humanity in mind.

Y0$#! (Yoshi) whose original name is Christopher Jackson was born in Cincinnati Ohio. He is a creative lyricist with a peculiar sound and style known significantly around Atlanta’s underground and mainstream industry. Y0$#! (Yoshi) thrives to give his life to his listeners and spectators through music, bringing people of all cultural backgrounds together.

This new album of Y0$#! (Yoshi) is already streaming over 3000 a week from the day of its release on spotify and 7.5K a week combining different streaming platforms. The project has something for everyone with 80% being freestyles and includes top songs like Style, F How U feel, Only in My Mind, Bend it Down and many more. He is truly lyrical with a lot of hidden gems bedded into the flow which can easily touch the heart and soul like a Tu-Pac of his time he has balance.

He has become an integral part of the A3C16 Guinness Book of record Freestyle cypher Team for longest team cypher in the world. His new album “Goofi Juice 3: Lord of the Juice” is just rocking. He strived hard to achieve his dreams and this has brought him the success that he truly deserves.

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Y0$#! (Yoshi) the cat in the hat that can rap, is an innovative lyricist with a peculiar sound and style known heavily around Atlanta, has released his newest album “Goofi Juice 3: Lord of the Juice”. For more information visit


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