launches an innovative English fluency tests that all new writers will take at the company

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London, UK 26th November, 2016 - has announced that it has developed and consequently launched an innovative English fluency exam that will be taken by all writers before they are allowed to begin handling customer orders at the company. has said that one of its major guarantees to customers is a team of fluent English speakers. In addition to this, the cheap dissertation writing services provider has said that the quality of research papers is often dependent on how good the writer is in both the written and spoken form of English. It based on this that the firm feels it's important to make sure all new writers are fluent in English.

The new test will be administered to all new writers who are expected to join its team. Those who will pass will be given the chance to write orders and those who fail will be given a few months to polish up and try again. The affordable dissertation writing services provider has said that the new policy takes effect immediately.

In the end, the ultimate goal is to make sure that all writers who feel that they are capable of meeting the standards at have a strong command of the English language. This will ensure they are able to communicate easily with customers and deliver the exact services that the clients want from the dissertation writers.

There is no other online company at the moment that has developed such an innovative policy and experts have said that it's a commendable thing to do. has said that it wants to make thesis writing services not juts cheap but even high quality in the same time. Well, feel free to visit for more information.

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