MageWorx Introduces Magento 2 Shipping Suite

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - With a growing popularity of eCommerce websites, building and managing the one does not seem a problem for the users, who lack experience and knowledge in the niche. When it comes to the very process of launching a functional online shop, many of them face lots of hardships and realize that building an ecommerce platform is a real challenge. This is where Magento extensions prove to be of great help both to experienced web developers and the newbies.

Magento extensions developed by MageWorx - a trusted and renowned company that aims at developing advanced extensions for the unsurpassed online store building experience - are specially created to help users build and manage efficient and functional eCommerce stores. These extensions can be found at Mageworx Magento Store and make is possible to simplify the management of products and prices, set up a variety of custom product options, accept and fulfill orders with a few clicks only. These features contribute to the creation of powerful and profitable eCommerce platforms. This is what the developers working for the company tell about the growing demand for Magento 2 extensions: “Magento has always offered unique eCommerce experience. With technical and functional changes, Magento 2 version opens a new chapter in ecommerce. They come with improved performance and scalability, unlimited customization possibilities, enhanced product security and a higher quality code. What else is needed to get the most out of your eCommerce experience?”

Regardless of the popularity and functionality of Magento extensions, the problem of shipping still remains hot for the prevailing amount of eCommerce stores. There are lots of shipping issues online merchants face on a regular basis and finding solutions to these problems is often a challenge. Among the most frequently observed eCommerce shipping issues are those associated with data management, financial information, packaging and cargo tracking problems, shipping scheduling, insurance and safety of each delivery and what not. This is the incomplete list of problems online merchants encounter nowadays and each business has much more shipping nuances that have to be settled efficiently and on time.

To solve the entire spectrum of shipping problems, MageWorx has recently introduced a new complex Magento 2 Shipping Suite Ultimate module, the characteristics of which are explained in detail at . Some of the features of Magento 2 Shipping Suite include advanced shipping rules and restrictions, new custom shipping methods and carriers, configurable shipping rates, the ability to modify existing shipping methods with regard to the needs of merchants, flexible delivery rates, and estimation of the shipping rates depending on a carrier. Some features of the extension are still being developed. These include auto-detecting customers’ shipping location and shipping zones. The extension comes with free lifetime support and updates.

Similar shipping suit extension available at is already active for Magento 1 and has been used by the grateful online merchants dealing with the company for quite a long period of time.

Apart from that, MageWorx is currently working on the development of other Magento 2 extensions, such as SEO Suite Ultimate, Advanced Product Options Suite, Order Management, File Downloads and Product Attachments, Store & Currency Auto Switcher, Search Suite, Gift Cards etc. These Magento 2 extensions are available here

Mageworx Magento 2 Shipping Suite can be found on Magento Marketplace.

About the Company:

MageWorx is a reputable and credible company, which has been working on the development of advanced extensions for Magento for over 7 years already. The portfolio of the company enlists dozens of solutions that were specially designed to help clients acquire and retain new customers. The company employs the team of professionals, who are eager to help users with any problems they have when developing and optimizing their eCommerce websites. MageWorx was one of the leaders in Magento 2 development that has already become one of the most advanced eCommerce solutions nowadays.

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Address: 222 South Ninth St, Suite 1600, Minneapolis, MN, USA, 55402
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