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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - If you are looking for an upright vacuum cleaner that is full sized but affordable and not heavy and clunky like many of these types of cleaners you might want to take a closer look at the Shark Navigator Vacuum Cleaner. There are several versions of this model, the NV22, NV22L, NV22 LCO, NV22T, NV22W, NV22TGR, NV22P, NV22X, NV22C, NV22Q, NV26, NV36A and the UV400 Deluxe Edition. All are lightweight, compact, easy to use and have everything you want from an upright but is about half the size for a lower cost. has just released a detailed review of the Shark Navigator Swivel NV26 vacuum Cleaner on their website.

For the latest model from Shark though the NV26 is the one to look at, with the same cleaning ability and features as the NV22 but now with swivel steering, just like the Shark Navigator LiftAway. For those of you who catch infomercials this is also the one being shown lately as being on par with Dyson upright cleaners. In reality while that may be an advertising exaggeration, the Shark Navigator Swivel Vacuum Cleaner NV26 is a good upright cleaner in its own right and here is a closer look why.

This is, like the Dyson, a bagless cleaner so there is no need to have to buy bags and change them, no problem with bags clogging, and as it uses a cyclonic technology to ensure particles of dust, dirt and debris are separated from the air stream, there is good suction that is consistent. As tested on, there is no loss of suction because the dust bin is getting close to capacity and you can see when it needs emptying, which in itself is easy to do. Apart from this aspect of the cleaner though, there are not really other comparable areas, the Dyson and this Shark cleaner are quite different.

As mentioned on, the Shark is capable of cleaning on bare and carpeted flooring and seems to perform very well on both. It picks up dirt and pet hair from carpets easily and cleans edges well too. It can even handle cat litter on bare floors without scattering it everywhere. The Shark Navigator uses twin motors, one is for the brush roll and one is for suction. The power switch that turns both on is easy to reach at the base of the cleaner's handle but that brush roll can be turned off and on again independently from the main power, so that you do not have to worry about the roll damaging hardwood floors, or it scattering debris. Another bonus is that the roll will turn off automatically when you park your upright so that damage is not done should you want to use the hose or wand for dusting or hard to reach places.

The Shark Navigator Vacuum Cleaner is also a lot smaller making it easy to use around small spaces and in areas that many regular uprights cannot reach. Only weighing just under 15 pounds it is also easy to life for almost anyone so it can be moved easily around the home, up and down stairs and so on. This makes it a great cleaner for times when just some spot cleaning needs to be done. The great thing about this upright that as well as the swivel head which allows you to reach underneath areas and maneuver a lot easier, it is also a very affordable option. As summarized by, with the NV26, you get a great upright that is lighter, cleans effectively, has better maneuverability than some cleaners all for an affordable price.

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