WaykenRM: Leaders of the Rapid Prototyping Industry

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - 30, November 2016: In the past businesses had to spend vast amounts of money and time creating prototypes for new products. But that may all be about to change, thanks to WaykenRM.

WaykenRM is a rapid prototyping business that helps companies build new products faster. Currently, WaykenRM is working with a range of rapid prototyping technologies. These include techniques such as CNC machining and rapid injection moulding. The company wants to offer as many prototyping methods as possible to meet customer needs.

How Companies Are Benefiting From Rapid Prototyping

WaykenRM believes that its customers are benefiting from its unique approach. So far it's developed several applications for businesses. One of those applications is using prototypes for concept models. When companies launch new products, it’s important that they have models to communicate their vision to others. Having a model that other team members can see and feel is important for conveying ideas. WaykenRM’s wants to make it easier for companies to create concept models that generate a buzz among the customers and clients. The company uses stereolithography, selective laser sintering and CNC machining to make this happen.

But the company isn’t limiting itself to static prototype models. It’s also decided that it wants to branch out into functional prototypes too. At present, many businesses begin production before testing their product. Inevitably, they find out that their product isn’t robust enough, and must often retool entire production lines. Being able to test a single prototype before production starts is much easier and cheaper. As a result, WaykenRM also helps its clients to test working prototypes in advance. WaykenRM argues that having a working prototype is an indispensable part of product development. Being able to make adjustments in the design of a product on the fly means that changes can be carried out before costs are incurred.

Prototyping Is A Key Tool In Market Research

WaykenRM is also trying to help other companies in their product development and market research process. Rapid prototyping isn’t just changing the way that businesses make production decisions. It’s also changing how they’re doing market research. For many companies, getting products to market quickly is essential. They need working models that they can trial in the field and test on customers. Doing this provides valuable information that they would not have been able to obtain otherwise. Having a low-volume example of a product helps sales teams make sales before full-scale production begins.

WaykenRM Resources

The company is taking the lead in the prototyping sector by providing customers with a host of online resources. Customers have access to a technology selection guide which details the pros and cons of each production process the company uses. The company also offers a guide on what colours to choose, as well as examples on how to finish a prototype.

WaykenRM’s Goal

WaykenRM’s core mission is to make sure that customers get affordable prototypes that function as the company intended. The company says that its customer base has grown, primarily due to word of mouth. Customers so far report that they have been impressed with the parts that they have received from the company.


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