Latest Album of Ya Yah Townsend Sugar High Released

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - Sugar High- Recent Second Single from Alicia Townsend Stirs Your Soul

1st Dec 2016- Sugar High, the recent album of solo artist Alicia Ya Yah has been released. This new album is already creating waves among music lovers after the launch of her first single solo Chocolate Kisses.

This all new album Sugar High is a classic mix of jazz and R&B that takes the listener to a different world with the vocal performance of the artist. The track can be listened to on Spotify. It is also available on Amazon and it can be purchased on ITunes.

“Sugar High by Ya Yah is perhaps one of the best music albums that I have come across till now. I love to listen to her voice. It is a unique blend of low keys and stunning vocals when she sings through the song with confidence. I loved the way she takes the listener through the entire song. It is really heart warming and soul stirring to listen to this all new song from Alicia. I just could not stop the music that I played it repeatedly.”

The subdued music and the strong vocals make this all new album from Alicia extraordinary. It is different from the other songs released by the artist. The writing of the song, the performance and the vocalisation are commendable. It is an inspiring song from Alicia Townsend that has millions of listeners within days of its release

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About Alicia Townsend

Alicia Townsend, also known as Ya Yah is a professional singer, dancer and theatre artist. All her songs are unique amalgamation of sophisticated performance, warm words and extraordinary vocals.

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