Classic Custom Consoles customers to post pictures of newly installed called in the website.

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - Customers who are looking to view what Classic Truck Consoles can deliver should visit the company website and see the customer page where pictures and reviews on the various truck consoles have been posted. The customer page is regularly posted updated with cars and trucks that have had consoles installed. To avoid bias the company encourages customers to do this on their own, the customer posts the consoles which have been installed in their trucks and cars. “A visit to the site will give you a glimpse of the bench seat console, cup holder console, Camaro center console, Impala center console and others which have been installed in a variety of trucks and cars,” said the company representative while giving a hint on what the customers should expect from Classic Truck Consoles.
“Customers appreciate the consoles which give something out of the ordinary, which may not be found in any other place,” said the company representative while adding that Classic Truck Consoles is looking forward to additional ideas. The spokesperson added that the company is always looking for ways through which they can improve the services offered to customers while hailing the idea of considering the customer’s idea and adding value to their vehicles in areas which matter. The spokesperson advised car and truck owners to install truck and car consoles in order to free their car and create enough space in their automobiles.
Classic Truck Consoles guarantees its customers one hundred percent satisfaction, “this is our goal, we aim at making our customer satisfied, we deliver nothing but the best, we have the customer’s needs at heart,” said the Classic Truck Consoles spokesperson while explaining the length to which the company will go to ensure that they deliver the best to the customer.
For more information, customers are advised to visit or send an email to

About Classic Truck Consoles
Classic Truck Consoles focuses on delivering innovative fiberglass products for the automotive aftermarket. The company’s background is in fiberglass design and construction. The company was formed to market the original design of a center console for 1967-1972 Chevy trucks. Since then, it has discovered consoles also fit many other vehicles. After requests for car consoles Classic Truck Consoles decided to see which vehicles the consoles would fit and it seems just about any car or truck. Classic Truck Consoles created consoles for a niche market and are proud that car and truck enthusiasts have been pleased with our products.

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