Airwheel R5 Smart electric power bicycle helps people to exercise as they go out for a trip

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - In the past few days, Airwheel launched an electric power bicycle R5 which is added with chain for making up the shortcoming of e bikes without chain. Driven either by electricity or man-power, or even by semi-electricity, R series bikes perform better than those of E series. And the most important thing is that R5 can both be acted as a transporting tool and as a way of exercise.

This kind of saying is clearly justified. R5 electric moped bike is different from the common electric assist bike since it can be driven by electricity or by pure human power, the former saves energy and the latter keeps fit. Moreover, there is the third mode of “electricity + man power riding” which allows riders to experience the fast-paced riding brought from exercise. Besides, users can switch freely from 1 ~11 levels of gears under this mode and will never feel too exhausted.

Comparatively speaking, Airwheel R5 Smart E Bike seems not very small like Airwheel E series, but in fact it is still very portable. As a foldable bike, R5 can be folded in its main body, handrails and operating rod. The body size of 710mm×380mm×700mm of R5 citizen folding electric bike can seamlessly connect each kind of transporting vehicles. Therefore, when some emergencies happen during riding, you can totally pack R5 up to take other public transporting vehicles.

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When it comes to the road adaptation, R5 citizen e-bike has 16-inch wheels which are big enough to cope with various road conditions, let alone the special designed tyre tread. Thus, riders can move forward by riding R5 electric aided-bicycle steadily and comfortably even if it is complex and bumpy roads.

Perhaps, for those who want to experience long-distance cycling, Airwheel R5 electric assist bicycle will be preferred, especially for riders who are not willing to be very tired.

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