To live a high quality life? Why not try to ride Airwheel New intelligent electric bikes?

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - Part of the reason for this obsession with productivity is we think time is money. Well, speaking of daily transporting, it can be more efficient instead of spending extra time on crowding. Indeed, riding Airwheel smart e bikes and electric assist bikes may be one of the best ways to help you become more efficient. There are several reasons listed below.

Save time and cost

Currently, the biggest problem for urban traffic should be the congestion in rush hours. Basing on relative data, the average speed is expected to be 10km/h during peak periods under this condition. Comparatively, Airwheel smart e bikes, with a maximum speed of about 20km/h, will show their advantage in coping with the same condition. Besides, riding E6 and E3 can not only promote efficiency of travelling but also save oil cost. Besides, they have merits in parking and rental matters than the on-built public transport rental system. Portable, collapsible and economic, Airwheel Smart E Bike can be taken into elevators, buses or subways.

Be in a good mood

Experiment shows that outdoor exercise is beneficial for accommodating physiological rhythm. And there are indeed some people who relieve insomnia by riding. For example, riding Airwheel R5 electric power bicycle under the man-power ride mode will help them fell sleep soon with high quality. Having a sweet sleeping, people always feel good. Sure, riders can appreciate more interesting things during riding. So, you will have a good mood.

Promoting work efficiency

Riding is conductive to improve cardio-pulmonary function and facilitate blood and oxygen to flow to brain. And brain is under the refreshed condition so people won’t feel sleepy and exhausted. Staying fresh can keep a good work condition so as to promote work efficiency. R5 electric moped bike under the power-assisted ride style is very suitable since it can bring the more flexible sports rhythm to riders by varying the different gears.

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To live a high-quality life, you can try Airwheel intelligent e bikes.

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