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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - Free PDF Solutions, a reputed name in the industry has unveiled its PDF To TIFF Converter that has many applications for users today.

TIFF files are being used by people in varied industries because of their advantages. The Tag Image File Format has become prevalent for exchanging raster graphics or bitmap images. These files can be shared amongst different applications, which offer users much needed versatility. But what happens when one comes across files and images they need in the commonly used PDF format?

Free PDF Solutions has endeavored to offer users a simple and smart solution in the form of this PDF To TIFF Converter . Now users donít have to run from pillar to post to have these files converted. They donít have to wait endlessly for professional help either. Importantly they donít have to spend huge amounts on unreliable software and then worry about loss of quality.

This converter launched by the company ensures that quality of the files is maintained while the conversion is done within no time. Those interested can simply download the PDF To TIFF Converter on their chosen device. They will be pleased to find that the converter is compatible with several devices, which makes it very versatile. They donít have to go through any registrations, which is an added advantage.

Free PDF Solutions has designed this converter so that it can be used by everyone. One doesnít need to have any technical background or knowledge to get the PDF files converted into the increasingly popular TIFF format. In fact they can get the job done with a simple click of a button. The conversions can be carried out instantly from the home page or the new tab page.

This multifaceted converter from the company also offers users links to its other online conversion utilities. Thus users can make the most out of the options Free PDF Solutions has consistently offered them. The converter has web search option and links to popular websites as well. If users think they have no need for the converter, it can also be uninstalled without any hassle. That makes it a smart option for users with specific requirements.

About Free PDF Solutions

It is an online platform that offers smart and simple solutions for PDF conversions that suit the needs of all users.

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