Stand Up With Victoria For Peace & Justice Victoria Elia Kaldawi VS Kuwait

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - 21st Mar 2017 - One Woman Victoria Stands Up to Fight against Injustice, SEEKING JUSTICE From USA & KUWAIT since 22 years & Reconciliation for her Human & Woman Rights Her mission to spread Love & Peace, started 1994 between USA, Kuwait & Lebanon,led to her long struggling life filled with Persecution First Woman in USA who used JASTA on October 3, 2016,7 days after it was issued by US Congress in God’s timing,when she filed her last Supplemental Brief to Judge, re her civil case in US District court of Los Angeles

Plaintiff Victoria Elia Kaldawi, American Lebanese Christian while doing business in Kuwait after desert storm, was kidnapped on July 4th1995 (USA Independence Day) for 4 Days in Kuwait by 3 Kuwaiti agents illegal-under color of law, while the US Embassy employees in Kuwait failed their duty to rescue her Victoria battled for Justice for 21 yrs of Denial from Kuwait her Birth land

Case#2:14-cv-07316 Victoria Elia Kaldawi vs State of Kuwait And its Ministry of Interior and its Agents Filed Complaint on Sept.18, 2014 representing Herself (in pro per) till today with over 10 crimes Committed against her of: Kidnapping; Torture; Illegal Abduction; Arbitrary Arrest; Incommunicado Detention; Assault; Battery; Degraded Cruel Treatment; Persecution; Libel & Slander; Defamation of goodwill; Abuse of Process; Denial of Due Process of Law; Deprivation of Property; Forced Wrongful Expulsion&15 Various Violations of Universal Recognized Human Rights.


From: Government of Kuwait (Major Ally of USA) after 21 years of Denial &2 years of Kuwait Avoiding Signing proof of Service in disregard to the Hague Convention after 4 Mail Attempts to Serve by US Federal Court-LA

& From: US District Court of Los Angeles and Honorable Judge John Kronstadt, to reply to her last Request dt. March 5, 2017, for Final Ruling on Request for Default Judgement against Govt. of Kuwait & its Ministry Of Interior, per JASTA & FSIA, re her Supplemental Brief to enter Default.

Victoria’s Universal Cry for Justice seeking Support of the Good Media, to Share & Publish her Story & Public Opinion Case without Prejudice, and to everyone who can help her as your Sister, Daughter or Friend.

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