Book of Century Sentence: A Glimpse on the Chinese and Western Culture

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - The Book of Century Sentence by Xu Xue Chun, which was released October 17, 2016, is the one the every individual should read when it comes to Chinese culture and Western Culture. The book provides three sections which will give a thorough understanding of the Chinese culture, the Western culture, and the commentaries regarding Islam. The Book of Century Sentence is a book that everyone should look forward to because of its differentiation between the China and Western countries.

The Book of Century Sentence is an eye opener to people who barely know the Chinese culture. The book can be a basis of how different China is from the countries that are living in the western culture. The author would want to give the people a glimpse into the Chinese culture and how does the country live in the systematic culture formed during the Confucius period.

On the other hand, even though Xu Xue Chun is not well experienced with the western culture, the author expressed briefly yet profoundly the Chinese culture and how much difference the western culture has. The book is divided into three parts which will give the readers a better comprehension about the stand of the author on China, Islam, and Western and other countries. On the first commentary which is about China, the author discussed the scrutiny of the Chinese political phenomena basing on different aspects of human like consciousness, culture, and subconscious.

In addition, the second commentary is about the Islam which is one of the religions that the government of China would want to harbor a long time ago. The author commented about the Islam and mentioned how he pushes away Islam because of ISIS. And lastly, the author gave a commentary about the western and other countries wherein Xu Xue Chen knows that western countries are well respected for its development but there are also shortages that these foreign countries are facing which the author commented briefly and informatively.

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