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United Boat Riders Association
Miami Florida USA

Ubra Boats brings affordable boating to the world with the launch of its new mobile app

Ubra Boats recently announced the launch of its free mobile app; in a bid to ensure riders get the best of both worlds – convenience and affordability.

United Boat Riders Association otherwise known as UBRA is a fun and exciting water club that organizes boat tours, and fishing. It, however, does not offer boat rental Miami or charter services. The launch of the free mobile app comes with several benefits to club members.
Some of the other services rendered by UBRA include boat rental for members, sightseeing, water sports, and an easy boating on demand service, thanks to its free boating app. Ubra also doubles as the only the only boating app that allows for boating day or reserve for later.
With an on-demand service that provides boats in less than 90 minutes, availability of skipper/captain for every boat, and budget boats available at up to 50% discounts, Ubraboat perfectly combines affordability with luxury.
The app allows for safe and cashless transactions, with payments made through the app, allowing for a convenient and exciting boating experience.
The features of the app and its benefits have made many regards it as the uber boat, especially as boats are offered worldwide to interested riders. The app is easy to use, with a 24/7 customer support on the ground to attend to any inquiries from riders.

About UbraBoat

United Boat Riders Association is a member’s only water club headquartered in Miami, Florida. The association also referred to as UBRA, was founded to ensure boat riders have fun and stay safe. UBRA also allows its members to pay and communicate quickly, particularly with its mobile app.
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