Runtopia Unveiled the Long-awaited Training Plan Feature

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - Recently, Runtopia proudly introduced a significant advancement for their well-known running app. In order to meet the increasing user demand, the Runtopia team spent several months working with experienced running coaches to design different training courses for runners. With the latest update of the app, the long-awaited Runtopia Training Plans were finally unveiled! It’s a fantastic addition for the user, and it is also a great turning point for Runtopia to creating a mobile running coach.

The offered training plans are suitable for all runners, regardless of running experience or exercise goal. When you start your training plan, the “personal trainer” will communicate with you via a questionnaire, and then customize a suitable running workout plan for you according to your ability and personal goal. Focusing on your goals, the courses adopt different training methods to help you out, such as weight loss training, interval training, tempo running, practicing for a race etc. By training with a motivating audio coach, the result-oriented plans will improve your performance and allow you to progress towards your goals. The training calendar marks and tracks your efforts towards your goal, thus you’ll feel proud looking back!

“Running is challenging. Many people don’t know how to train properly and effectively, and as a result they give up running at the beginner stage. It’s also common to see some more advanced runners suffering from pain, due to not knowing how to avoid the risks of injury while running. We want to provide the solution to this and guide people in how to run properly. Designing and offering these training plans has been our original intention. Besides acting as a running tracker, Runtopia is committed to being the best mobile coach & community for runners. This is only the first milestone, and Runtopia will seek constant improvement.” states Runtopia’s CEO James Si.

Si also mentions that Runtopia is currently working on advanced training plans, which will be revealed in the future versions. Combined with heart rate monitoring, pace tracking and smart equipment, this will provide a more effective training method. Stay tuned for future news of a greater Runtopia!

About the Runtopia APP:

Runtopia GPS tracker is a reliable running app to track your run. It provides you dimensional data analysis (distance, route, mileage, duration, jogging pace, stride, cadence, elevation, calories burned etc.). Serving as your personal running trainer, Runtopia helps you keep fit, track your progress, and reach your goals!

Millions of runners have already chosen Runtopia as their personal running app! In this runners' world, everyone is equal, but we all have something in common; we’re all runners. Join Runtopia now to find people with mutual interests! Personal challenges, fun runs with friends, performance comparison and sharing all your highlighted moments!

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Company Name: Codoon Inc.
Contact Person: James Si
Address: 335 N Wolfe Rd, Sunnyvale, CA 94085, United States

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