Direct Locksmiths Began Delivering Transponder Key Programming and Reprogramming Services

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - Crosby, Texas - Transponder keys are remote key fobs that mobilize or immobilize the ignition circuit of an automobile engine with the user pressing a switch from a distance. However simple it may sound, transponder keys are complex devices which can be programmed or reprogrammed by experts only. Direct Locksmiths, a locksmith service provider serving the Crosby Area, recently started offering transponder key programming and reprogramming services as a part of the bunch of automobile locksmith services they offer in the area. The owners believe that the transponder key programming services will help them become one of the most sought-after locksmiths in Crosby area.

Since car transponder keys come with a little chip inside, traditional key cutting is not enough for making or repairing a key of this type. Direct Locksmiths now uses a set of software-based tools for programming and reprogramming automobile transponder keys. In addition to that, the locksmith in Crosby, TX has trained a number of technicians in their team so they can deal with transponder key malfunctioning issues in a professional manner. One of the owners of Direct Locksmiths maintained that they only offer new remote fobs and not the used ones. The locksmith service provider has also entered partnerships with OEM transponder key dealers and automobile dealers to offer high-end transponder key programming and reprogramming services to their customers in the area.

“Not every locksmith can cut or program transponder keys, as these keys always require a special treatment and special set of tools and skills. Ordering a transponder key from a dealer or supplier may take days and even weeks. Since we have collaboration with the leading automobile dealers and OEM parts dealers in the Texas area and we have highly skilled locksmiths in our team, we can offer complex solutions within the shortest turnaround”, said Dana Louis, one of the co-owners of Direct Locksmiths.

“For transponder key reprogramming, proper diagnosis is required. We are proud to have some of the best locksmiths in the state working with us who are perfectly knowledgeable about transponder keys and other sorts of complex automobile keys. We offer free automobile key diagnosis as a part of our services”, she added.

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