$Millions for an Iconic German watch company

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - May ‎06, ‎2017: As a business owner, arguably your most attractive exit option is a strategic sale of your business to a larger company. Typically, strategic buyers are willing to pay more for your business than financial buyers (e.g., private equity firms) because they have strategic assets that can increase the value of both your company and theirs. Plus, strategic buyers have deeper pockets than your management team or next of kin, which make them more generous acquirers than your managers or kids.

Mutior unique business assets are the in-house designed watch movements that has the precision far beyond anything you can purchase in Switzerland or Russia.

Can excellence ever be boring? The Mutior name is regarded as most valuable brands in German Luxury. Mutior remains to be the world’s most iconic timepieces. It’s already 74 years old unveiled their first 1940 in Munich.

The Usability/Flexibility. Very few designs and timepieces can truly be used every occasion . But Mutior is indeed one of the few, and arguably the first to offer such a high level of ease and practicality.

The Mutior brand name should be valued at about 60M so most are curious as to what was the price paid for the luxury watch brand.

The company said they will start product of four all new designs with help from well know Italian and Swiss designers. The new Mutior German watches will have the heart and tradition of Muitor at its soul. The movement will be completely 100% Muitor knowing that accuracy and procession is still the most important thing to the company.

The surprising not is the price will remain at the 20K starting point as in the past, from what we have read and heard in the news Muitor will produce only 300 pcs of its Handmade Luxury Timepieces each year and only 100pcs will be exported to the USA.

Whenever the economy is uncertain, some companies sit on their cash reserves. That money's not earning anything so they may want to invest it. Sales angle: provide opportunities to buy other companies or product lines. Go here http://www.mutior.com/

When a company becomes so large that it's cash flow can't be reinvested into its own growth, its pace of earnings growth will slow. Cash levels will accumulate. This cash can either be paid out in the form of dividends to shareholders or used to buy shares in smaller, high-growth companies.

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