World Mobile Coin Crowdfunding Offering Great Opportunity To Cryptocurrency Funders To Earn Rewards

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World Mobile Coin Crowdfunding, 7 May, 2017: Today there are hundreds of cryptocurrencies available in market through which people can make digital transaction and exchange of money easily. World Mobile Coin (WMCC) is a new generation cryptocurrency mining which is based on Blockchain and Open Ledger.

This cryptocurrency mining platform features new algorithm which offers fair distribution of coin, easy mining, mobile compatibility and easy integration with platforms (WWW based). Instead of using PoW (Proof of Work) or Proof of State (PoS), World Mobile Coin (WMCC) uses PoP (Proof of Presence) that features fair distribution of the coin among the funders.

WMCC crowdfunding is very different from other traditional cryptocurrency platforms. It uses new technology, new methods and advanced feature to offer something more exciting in the cryptocurrency mining platform.

WMCC has recently offered an outstanding crowdsale through which one can earn huge cryptocurrency crowdfunding rewards. The crowdesale has started on from 26th April, 2017 and it will end on 31st October, 2017. WMCC has decided to release 1,000,000 tokens for the Initial Coin Offering (ICO) to distribute among the funders.

One can easily join the World Mobile Coin crowdfunding to earn exciting rewards through this new generation cryptocurrency mining platform. The main motive of WMCC behind offering this crowdsale is to support the post release development of WMCC which will launch in 1st December, 2017. The funders will be able to claim their token only after 1st December after the release of WMCC.

Moreover, one can claim the tokens only if they have BTC Private Key and BTC Signature. Without these one cannot claim their token in future. Therefore, before sending fund on World Mobile Coin crowdfunding one must check whether they have access on BTC Private Key or BTC Signature or not.
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About Company: World Mobile Coin (WMCC) is a new generation cryptocurrency mining platform which is designed to offer a better digital currency mining experience. It is a decentralized mining platform which combines Blockchain and Open Ledger.

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Author Name: Zeb Sander
Business/Company Name: World Mobile Coin
Local Address: 2950 NW 29th AVE STE A679026 Portland,Oregon, 97210 United States
Phone Number: +15033884331
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