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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - It's possible the connectivity issues are due to Dragon Ball Z Online games' use of peer-to-peer connection for the online multiplayer, which can be significantly affected if one player has a poor Internet connection.Dragon Ball Online took the party game world by storm with its early release on Steam back in 2014, and the wacky physics behind the now highly popular fighting game has consistently kept gamers entertained en masse.While lag has been an issue in the past for Dragon Ball Z Online on the PC, it seems the issues on the DBZ games are slightly different.

Moreover, Dragon Ball Online is already planning a significant downloadable content schedule for the game meaning that the developer could well have its work cut out for it if it isn't careful.Features like the larger backpack capacity and Loadouts won't yet be available, but gamers will still have a chance to try Dragon Ball Z Online's campaign, Dragon Ball Z Online games, and incursions.Optimally, he'd love to get Dragon Ball Online onto the PC platform this year, but adhering to all of the clause's stringent rules while simultaneously developing an open PC version of the game means a lot of extra work for himself and his two brothers.

When it was first announced the DBZ gameshad players excited, but its unique perks, which decrease Dragon Ball Z Online games punishments for players, were not enough to make it useful.Plenty of gamers were upset to see that the shooter skipped PC the first time around but have their fingers crossed that Dragon Ball Online will be able to deliver a solid follow up that makes the most of the platform.This week's new dbz game should be the final week of testing before Massive can finalize the 1.6.1 update and roll it out to all platforms.

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