Natural Fragrance Chemicals Market Expected to Dominate Worldwide by 2027

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - Natural fragrance chemicals are aroma compounds physically obtained from plants, spices and fruits through distillation, extraction and expression. In general, fragrance chemicals that are produced from natural sources are termed as natural fragrance chemicals. These chemicals do not contain any traces of toxicity in it and is highly preferred over synthetic fragrance chemicals, especially by health conscious people. Owing to the non-toxic characteristic of the compound, the prices are relatively high. The costs depend upon the aroma as well.

Natural fragrances can also be defined as the complex compositions of pure aromatic raw materials such as isolates, essential oils, exudates including extracts, resins, distillates, volatile concentrates and so on. Natural fragrance chemicals are used in the formation of essences utilized in beverages industry. It is also used in hair oils, deodorants, perfumes and many other products in cosmetic industry. Other than this, the natural fragrance chemicals find applications in the production of soap, detergent and home care products, among others. The application in home care products includes in products such as room fresheners, floor cleaners and incense sticks. Natural fragrance chemicals are preferred over synthetic fragrance chemicals in many household products since they do not cause any side effects. Since it is obtained from natural sources, it also possesses some medicinal properties and can be used for treatment of illnesses such as body pain, stress and skin problems.

Natural Fragrance Chemicals Market:Market Dynamics

The demand for natural fragrance chemicals is predominantly driven by the rising awareness among people on hazardous effects of synthetic fragrance chemicals present in the daily use products. Other than this, some of the factors that boost the demand for natural fragrance chemicals are the surge in use of natural fragrance chemicals in several end use industries such as food and beverages industry and cosmetic industry and their promotions through various media prompting people to choose sustainable and healthy products. Increasing disposable income is a noteworthy factor that bolsters the growth of the natural fragrance chemicals market over the forecast period.

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However, the products with natural fragrance chemicals are relatively costly, which remains as a key factor slowing down the growth of the natural fragrance chemicals market. Also, the availability of substitutes restrain the market growth to a great extent. The extensive exploitation of natural resources for manufacturing natural fragrance chemicals will adversely affect the environment as well.

Natural Fragrance Chemicals Market:Market Segmentation

Segmentation of natural fragrance chemicals market can be doneon the basis of product type as:

Wood based natural fragrance chemicals

Flower based natural fragrance chemicals

Fruit based natural fragrance chemicals

Musk based natural fragrance chemicals

Spices based natural fragrance chemicals


Segmentation of natural fragrance chemicals market can be doneon the basis of application as follows:




Room fresheners

Floor cleaners



Segmentation of natural fragrance chemicals market can be doneon the basis of end use industry as follows:

Cosmetics industry

Food and beverage industry

Home and health care industries

Pharmaceutical Industry


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Natural Fragrance Chemicals Market: Regional Outlook

Europe is estimated to hold a major share in the global natural fragrance chemicals market, followed by Asia-Pacific and North America. In Europe, the consumption as well as production of natural fragrance chemicals is significant due to the high demand for products containing natural fragrance chemicals and presence of several leading players in this region. Asia-Pacific is projected to witness a rapid growth over the forecast period as a result of rising popularity of natural fragrance chemicals in countries such as China and India.

Natural Fragrance Chemicals Market: Market Participants

Some of the examples of the market participants in the global natural fragrance chemicals market, identified across the value chain are:


Firmenich SA

Sensient Technologies Corporation

Paris Fragrances USA

International Flavors & Fragrances Inc

Takasago International Corporation



Kerry Group plc

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