Players will battle through various stages in new dbz game

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - Can Dragon Ball Z Online outdo the sales of Dragon Ball games online, which sold over one million copies in just a matter of days?Noseworthy understood fans' line of thinking - Dragon Ball Online launched on Tuesday and reset day became Tuesday, so Dragon Ball Z Online's reset day could become Friday - but he assured us things will not be changing in that respect.As to why the PC version is coming later, gamers are left to speculate until DBZ games online reveals more information.
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Will the game prove to be a real system seller around the globe and not just in Japan?While new gameplay footage is likely, Anime game also plans to host a Dragon Ball Z Online tournament, challenging professional gamers to fling ink all over the place in a battle for the title.Since its very beginning the Dragon Ball Online experience has been about rituals, be it completing daily bounties, clearing checkpoints in the raid, or running Dragon Ball Z games.While this announcement will surely disappoint PC fans the world over, as Dragon Ball Z Online's launch on the platform will be the first chance allowing PC gamers to experience the franchise, one can only hope that they won't have to wait too long after it comes out on PC.
Unfortunately for PC gamers, they will have to wait until after the game launches on PC before it comes to PC.There had been speculation the day may change, with some compelling evidence, but Tuesday will continue to be the day.At the same time, Tuesday has been reset for 3 years and it likely would have upset some fans if the day changed.The game also took a star spot in the initial Dragon Ball Z Online games announcement trailer, so clearly the platform holder has high hopes for the game.
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