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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - Educational journey for successful career building has to commence somewhere for everyone. However, Graphic Era University is a place where the real journey for learning starts for many. The academy has proved to be the stepping stone to the path of success for many students that completed education from this university.

Considered by most as the best Engg college in Dehradun the GEU is quite well known for providing customized and the most appropriate teaching courses. The technology of teaching is unique as well and it aims at overall development of the student concerned. Most important is the integration of aesthetics as well as industrial dynamics that renders the teaching technology unique and winning in nature. programs offered are designed to transform the students into the best of professionals in the field of activity they have selected.

As best engineering college in Dehradun GEU aims to provide the best of opportunities for the students to expand their knowledge bases in the related stream of engineering. The idea is to expand their experiences and to improve their skill levels so that they can impress the potential employers around. Not a minute spent in the university is wasted as besides education the students also build up their social network that can help jumpstart their career after passing out.

This Dehradun engineering college approaches the task of student orientation and training in a different way altogether. The basic objective is to ensure imparting quality education that can prepare the student for successful career and meaningful life in future. Towards this end the course curriculum is designed with spaced out practical exposure and industry academic interfaces. The distinguished faculties in the university teach students in a beckoning atmosphere and the best part of it is that students passing out from this university are globally accepted as top class professionals.

One of the striking features of GEU as one of the best engineering colleges of Dehradun is the activity based learning for students developed through peer associations. This gives the students insight into the practicalities of life and career and tunes them up for facing the challenges that come their way in their professional life. In brief, the education and orientation are both practicality based and not just theoretical as in many other institutes providing engineering courses for students.

“There are many reasons why students, parents, and experts alike consider the GEU as one of the top engineering colleges of Dehradun. It focuses on research and development, has the most reputed ranks of faculties, and is supported by world class infrastructure. Most important is the unique teaching methodology that renders the course curriculum most authentic and qualitative”, says one of the top faculties in the university.

“For a successful engineering career, GEU is the stepping stone”, she concluded.

About Graphic Era University:

Originally established as a non-profit organization in 1993 the Graphic Era University acquired deemed university status in 2008. Since 1997 when it embarked on the engineering studies it has prospered by leaps and bounds. Combination of innovative course curriculum, services of top class faculties and availability of top class infrastructure has rendered the university as one of the best in the country and the world. For more information and admission details for the current session, one may visit their web portal at


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Clement Town, Dehradun.
Uttarakhand, India
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