Hunter X Online Update Brings New Boss Dragon and Weapon

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hunter x online
(Presseportal openBroadcast) - Hunter X Online game, the hot English MMORPG based on Unigame's Hunter X Online series, is going to release a major update on March 1st. In this update, players will see a series of new contents including a new weapon, new bosses, new sky battle and new achievements.
First appeared in Hunter X Hunter game, the flying wyvern Tigrex will make its online debut as a new boss in the Hunter X game update. Players will be able to challenge its trademark attacks such as the devastating roars and tail swipes. Besides, two crabs named "红莲砦蟹" and "铠岩砦蟹" will also be released in this update, waiting for players to challenge.

Of course you can't defeat such terrible monsters without a powerful weapon. That's why in this update, the Lance weapon will be available for players. With both high attack and high defence, it's the perfect weapon for players to challenge the monsters in the game. What's more, in this update players will see more than 20 new achievements as well as a brand new sky battle mode named airship battle.

Today, Unigame will hold two live music concerts featuring musics from Hunter X Hunter game s such as Hunter X Online, Street Fighter, Devil May Cry, Rockman, Phoenix Wright, and more. The performers include Shota Nakama, Masato Itoh, Ingrid Gerdes, and the most expensive ticket costs around USD 92.00.



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