Defeat the Hunter X Hunter Gon to Get Permanent Fashion in Hunter X Online

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Veröffentlicht am: 22.05.2017 11:29
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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - With English Spring Festival coming soon, Hunter X Online is going release a new event of defeating Hunter X Hunter Gon, with permanent fashion and Ellione cat fashion waiting for you,
During the event period, players can participate in the event through the in-game banner. Every hunter has 3 chances per day. After you finish the event, you can get golden hairs and new year letter. If you collect the required 4 letters, you can get permanent Hunter X Hunter Gon fashion.
Unlike the original hunting, in this event, hunters can not attack the Hunter X Hunter Gon directly, but using the special firecracker to drive it away. While attacking it, hunters should also protect the delicious dinner. Once the dinner was eaten by Hunter X Hunter Gon, you will lose the event.
The coming of Hunter X Hunter Gon also inspires the craftsman. They made a brand new golden Lion armor according to Hunter X Hunter Gon. What's more, the hunters' companion cats can also get the cute lion fashion. Of course it not easy to get the golden armor, and you should also collect the required letters


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