Vacuum Switches Market : Opportunities and Forecast Assessment, 2017 - 2027

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - Vacuum switches create a connection with the linked circuit when they sense a change in pressure or vacuum at the input point of the switch. It is a device that guides the flow of any fluid or gas to generate vacuum. Vacuum switches can be operated mechanically, electrically (with the help of an electrical pulse), by changing temperature, etc. They make an extremely important component which is much needed for monitoring and controlling applications in many industries and processes. During any type of process, if vacuum changes from its present point or value, these switches open or close the electrical circuit after sensing the change. Vacuum switches are closed in a colonial casing and vacuum is created inside, which separates its contact with the main circuit and minimizes the sparking.

Vacuum switches are accurate and reliable. The switching device can be adjusted for different values of vacuum limit and continuous monitoring can be done using them. These devices are safe and convenient to use as they have remote operation and widespread electrical isolation. Additionally, they can be customized for set points, voltage, ampere, material used, ports, etc. Furthermore, vacuum switches are also preferred for the many advantages they offer such as long-life, modular parts, relatively low cost, etc. Vacuum switches are small in size, lightweight and ultra-sensitive. Some of the common application areas of vacuum switches include home appliances, heating/cooling and ventilation machines and medical, healthcare, defense, automobile, agriculture, aquaculture and shipping industry.

Vacuum switches are used in all automated handling areas for optimizing and regulating cycle time and circuits to strengthen the efficiency of a vacuum system. Also, their dense structure and less weight allows them to be used on the suction pad directly.

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Vacuum Switches Industry:Market Dynamics

Some growing sectors such as automotive, electrical equipment and chemical industry are aiding the growth of the vacuum switches industry. The advancements made in vacuum switches as well as increasing applications of vacuum switches in these sectors has led to an increase in the demand for vacuum switches in recent years. In addition to this, factors such as automation, technological advancements, electrification, etc. are acting as drivers for the vacuum switches market. However, the constant efforts being made to develop alternate devices may act as a restraint for the market. Similarly, given the small size of vacuum switches, they are hard to use in some places where high pressure and power is required and this may hamper the growth of the vacuum switches market in some areas.

Vacuum Switches Industry: Segmentation

Segmentation of the vacuum switches market on the basis of product type can be done as follows:


Inductive Universal


Segmentation of the vacuum switches market on the basis of end-use industry can be done as follows:

Chemical Industry

Petroleum Industry

Pharmaceutical Industry

Food Industry

Automobile industry

Segmentation of the vacuum switches market on the basis of application can be done as follows:

Residential (home Appliance, HVAC, Kitchen, computer, etc.)

Commercial Appliance (Office, etc.)

Defense (Marine, Military,

Healthcare (Medical, Surgical, etc.)

Automotive (Aerospace, Aircraft, automobile, etc.)

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Vacuum Switches Market: Regional Outlook

Asia-Pacific and Europe are projected to capture about half of the total global vacuum switches market share. They will be followed by Africa and North America. Some countries of the Asia-Pacific region such as India, China and Japan have shown comparatively increasing demand for vacuum switches as the automobile and chemical industry is growing in these regions. North America is anticipated to grow at a constant rate over the forecasted period. Furthermore, some regions such as Latin America, the Middle East and Africa, etc. are projected to witness significant growth in the global market for vacuum switches.

Vacuum Switches Market: Market Participants

Examples of some of the market participants in the vacuum switches market, identified across the value chain, include PresAir, DesignFlex, The Henry G. Dietz Co., Inc., Pfeiffer Vacuum GmbH, United Electric Controls, ANVER Corp., J. Schmalz GmbH., AIR LOGIC - KNAPP MANUFACTURING, INC., APPLICATIONS ENGINEERING LTD., SMC Corporation of America, Herga Technology, Whitman Controls Corporation, etc.

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