Dr Abhay Agrawal: The Renowned Bariatric & Laparoscopic Surgeon in Mumbai

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May 22, 2017: Obesity and overweight is a condition that leads to unnecessary fat on body which may have negative influence on health. BMI or Body Mass Index is a simple statistical measurement of weight-for-height that is used to define the overweight and obesity of the adult. The weighty patients are at high risk of polygenic disease and internal organ ailments. Bariatric surgery is a wonderful technique for obese people that cannot follow weight loss program or exercise.

It has been proved in various studies and researches that Bariatric surgery is the very best treatment for morbid obesity and related diseases. Dr Abhay Agrawal is one of the foremost leaders of Bariatric and Laparoscopic Surgery in India. He is a world-class expert in all types of Bariatric surgeries like Mini Gastric Bypass, Roux- en- y Gastric Bypass, Sleeve Gastrectomy and Ileal Transposition (Diabetes Surgery).

Dr Abhay is one of the first and amongst the few surgeons in the world to be conferred with the distinguished status of International Surgeon of Excellence from the US-based non-profit accreditation organization, Surgical Review Corporation (SRC). He was invited as a faculty at Asia Pacific Conference held in Goa to share his experience in resolving microvascular complications arising from diabetes, through Bariatric surgery in his morbidly obese patients.

The theme of the conference was “Diabesity”, a term coined by WHO to bring under focus the close association between Obesity and Diabetes. Dr Abhay Agrawal feels great honour to have the opportunity to share his experience with the top surgeons of Asia Pacific and the world.

About The Company:
Dr Abhay Agrawal is an experienced and foremost leader of Laparoscopic Surgeries who is proud to help men and women transform their lives through bariatric surgery. To learn more about Dr Abhay Agrawal and the procedures he offers; please visit his website at http://obesitysurgeryindia.net

Contact Details:
Doctor Name: Dr. Abhay Agrawal
Clinic Name: Centre for Obesity Control (Agrawal Clinic)
Address: 49, Daftary Road, Malad (E),
Mumbai-400 097
Phone: +91-22-28886666 / 28893594
+91-22-28817105 / 28820456
Fax: +91-22-28815306
Email: drabhay@gmail.com


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