Pay a visit to Namibia - Culture and Etiquette: How to Not Offend the Locals

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - Upon a stop by to Namibia it really is vital to understand culture and etiquette in order to know specifically tips on how to not offend the locals. Familiarize oneself with Namibian gender roles and what exactly is appropriate dress and what is not. Recognizing this very simple information will take you to greater experiences. Get additional details about namibia travel

In conventional Namibian societies the elders are treated with deference. Priests, nurses, and teachers are also treated with all the same respect amongst the regional population given that few professions were permitted throughout the apartheid years, and these 3 have been amongst them. As a result, the communities held these professionals on a pedestal on the utmost significance, and still do currently. The same goes for people with authority (don't forget respect is given when respect is taken).

Do you strategy to explore village life when you go to Namibia?

Village life in Namibia continues to be extremely considerably a patriarchal society. Men get the most beneficial seats on buses and at dwelling, although the girls and young children stand or sit on the ground. Men take initially dibs at meals, and rarely do their very own laundry or cook meals for themselves. Even so, inside the post independence era gender equality is often a major element from the Namibian government and consequently a lot more females are being hired and taking leadership positions in government too as the private sector. The urban centers are far more gender equal, having said that standard customs are usually followed when about family members or whilst going to villages.

How need to you dress after you take a look at Namibia?

Namibians value the way they dress. At home they dress down, nevertheless after leaving for town or function they normally dress 'smart,' which means they look superior and portray a certain amount of intellect. Guys generally wear slacks and also a nice collared shirt when girls wear long dresses or trousers with a conservative leading. Shorts are acceptable but needs to be limited to casual environments. Guests might unknowingly offend quite a few locals when foreign females choose to put on skimpy, revealing clothes, which Namibians view as a sign of promiscuity; wearing revealing outfits may well bring unwanted unfavorable interest. Windhoek and Swakopmund could possibly be far more accepting to such garments, but if you are going to rural villages, conservative clothing needs to be worn. Familiarize oneself with the places you plan to go to and respect the nearby culture by dressing accordingly.

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