sees a record number of visitors on its website as its tools become extremely popular

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London, UK 1st June, 2017 - has announced that it has seen a record number of visitors on its website over the last few months. The company says that this is an indication that indeed the popularity if its grammar and paraphrasing tools is rising. The trend is also expected to continue especially because of the increasing awareness on the use of paraphrasing tools online. has said that it’s always great to know that its technology in paraphrasing is helping as many people as possible. The provider feels that many students have had bad days in their exams due to copied content and this will change for good due to its paraphrase creator tools that are available for free.

Even though there are of course many tools out there that serve the same role, the quality has varied a lot over the years. On hand, there are tools that have relay done so well to offer high levels of accuracy and reliability in paraphrasing. There are others that have also failed on how to paraphrase a paragraph.

In any case, has been among the few success stories and for many who have followed this company through its rise, they will know that the tools it offers are simply world class. The paraphrase creator is looking forward to servicing even more and more customers in the future.

The underlying reasons paraphrasing online is becoming central in schools and colleges issue to its efficacy. There is also that ease offered by an online paraphrase service that you won’t get anywhere else. This is the way to go for any students and will remain a strong option for them. You can visit for more details.

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