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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - However, that hasn't stopped some dedicated leakers from providing fans of the franchise with additional glimpses at the title, as a recent piece of footage cropped up online to show off a brief bit of gameplay detailing protagonist Game Dragon Ball's companion droid and Dragon Ball Z Online."The series leaves its garage looking even worse than when it went in.Decent handling doesnt save it," Ben wrote.These cinematics were reportedly supervised by Anime games, the designer at the helm of the Game Dragon Ball Z franchise.
Dragon Ball Z mmorpg
And better still, for a little while each is 50 percent off.As of now, all that Anime game and Dragon Ball games have shown of DBZ games online in an official capacity has been its reveal trailer from a couple of months ago.Tyler enjoyed it, despite the involvement of Game Dragon Ball.The developer revealed a sequel to Dragon Ball Z mmorpg last month, stating that it had been working on the project since last year, but that the title is not ready for public eyes at Anime game just yet.It also features a graphic which, for those inclined to speculate, may hint at the game's setting.
One minute isn't a long time to tease an hour-long press conference, and so the four unannounced games-including the new IP-teased in the video may not be the only surprises that Anime game has up its sleeve.Taking all of this into consideration, with DBZ Online's launch several months away, it looks like these players are either going to have to up the ante in some way in order to imbue the content that's currently available with added shelf life, or pivot to a different title altogether to make the wait for the sequel feel even shorter."We wanted to get away from the VR 'experience' and create the kind of meaty and full-scale game that gamers appreciate." Stay tuned for more information on the project when it is available.
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