Century Hearing Aids providing an affordable and easy way to shop for hearing aids

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - June ‎02, ‎2017: People with hearing loss now can find relief from the high costs charged for hearing aids. Century Hearing Aids, a family-owned small American business is offering people with hearing loss a chance to own hearing aids affordably. While making the announcement, the owner and founder of Century Hearing Aids Jon Stoddard said that they are delighted to present people with hearing loss a solution that helps enhance their lives as well as saves them money. With some companies charging $6000--$8000 for a pair of hearing aids, it becomes difficult for many people with hearing problems to acquire them. It has almost become impossible for some people to afford these gadgets, given that most of them are in retirement years and have no stable income.

While providing people with a cheaper and easier online option provided by Century Hearing Aids, Jon added that they are providing their customers with a huge opportunity for great savings. He added that they are selling private label hearing aids from the best hearing aid manufacturers in the world, something that ensures quality and reliability in their products. According to the founder of Century Hearing Aids, their products offer the same digital technology and features for fifty to seventy-five percent less.

While explaining how they manage to keep prices low and that acquiring the hearing is aids easy, the Century Hearing Aids team said that they surround themselves with outstanding advisers. The company has, over the years, associated with some outstanding professionals, people who have guided them along their entrepreneurial journey, they mentioned experts such as Alisha Stoddard, the wife to Jon, whom he described as the person who has kept him grounded and humble. Others include Cory Smith who has been the executive or president of ten companies, Jim Palmer of the Dream Business COACH, Keith Zukas, Viviane Thompson and Davis Miles, all outstanding personalities in their own fields.

Century Hearing Aids (CHA) has also maintained a laser-like focus on a specific group of budget-conscious customers, people who are loyal to their business, the type who trust CHA to provide them with the best hearing aids, and the company has never disappointed, according to the reviews, their customers are a happy lot, for the great tools as well as the savings they have made through affordable and quality hearing aids.

Also, according to Jon, the fact that they sell their products online has helped them save on operational costs. They have passed all their savings on to their customers. Also the platform is just like a brick and mortar shop providing customers with a chance to interact with the business, they can message, call, and video chat, getting all their questions answered and their issues clarified.You may visit out website at http://www.centuryhearingaids.com/ to get more information about Century Hearing Aids.

About Century Hearing Aids:

Century Hearing Aids is a family owned and operated American small business. The company sells top quality affordable hearing aids to people with hearing loss. The company entered the market to help in providing solutions at an affordable cost. The business is built along helping people with hearing loss save. The company aims to create outstanding customer experiences, and be a company that’s personable, respectful, transparent, honest and helpful. It aims to find reputable quality hearing aid manufacturers and offer hearing aids at affordable prices. Century Hearing Aids was started by Jon Stoddard out of a passion to own a business and spend more time with his family. Jon takes pride in being able to help people with hearing loss acquire the tools which will improve their quality of life.

Contact Information:
Century Hearing Aids
934 Heartstone Dr
Lakewood, NJ 0870
Phone: 888-295-2944
Fax: 520-844-2700
Email: support@centuryhearingaids.com

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