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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - Pregnancy is the most responsible period in the life of any woman. It is always associated with lots of fears, concerns, uncontrolled emotions and questions that seem to have no answer. No wonder, each woman wants to have a reliable pregnancy guide at hand - the one she could address to have her questions answered. This is where Pregnant.Guru will be of great help.

Pregnant.Guru is a web-based resource that was launched with the only purpose in mind - to provide pregnant women with valuable information they might be interested in. This is what the developers of the website tell about it: “With so many questions and worries a pregnant woman may have, it’s definitely not easy to find the right answers to them, especially if there is no one around to help you. We have created this website to provide women, who are expecting their babies, with a reliable pregnancy guide that would help them relieve tension and get rid of the unneeded stress”.

The website is well-structured and has several categories, such as Diet, Health in Pregnancy, My Pregnant Body, Pregnancy Week by Week, Workout etc. Each category contains informative articles users may comment on to share their thoughts, ideas and emotions. This helps them stay informed about the changes that are going on with their bodies and way of life. A convenient search filter option contributes to the ease of search and helps save time when looking for the information women need.

Pregnant.Guru is a number one destination for women, who are just getting ready for happy motherhood and are currently struggling with all the hardships and problems of the pregnancy period. The developers of the website try their best effort to update the resource on a regular basis, adding new articles to the catalogue.

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About the Company:

Pregnant.Guru is a website, which contains informative articles that are related to pregnancy and cover the most popular topics most pregnant women are interested in. The resource is subdivided into categories with regard to the themes they are devoted to. The articles are added to the catalogue on a regular basis and are available at the website 24/7.

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Address: 3 Top Hl Drive, West Kingston, 02892 Rhode Island, USA
Tel.: (401) 225-37-28

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