This Woman Walked Into A Cage With Baby Pandas. I Did Not Expect What Was Coming Next!

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Who would guess that slow and calm pandas can be so playful? A Chinese Zoo recently published a video about the hard work of a girl Mei, who?s in charge of cleaning their cages. While grown-ups provide no problems, the cubs made the task next to impossible!

The video went immediately viral! People love pandas, and there are lots of reasons for that. Although all their relatives are carnivores, the white and black bears eat mostly bamboo or other herbs. Surprisingly, it?s because of mutation, that made them lost the umami taste receptor. In other words, they feel nothing, when they eat meat.

Pandas have sedentary lifestyle because the main product they consume is low on energy, so they try not to waste it on social interactions or physical activities.

However, these little ones have proven that every child is playful, even the cub of such slow animal, as a panda!

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