Tai Chi & Chi Gong Classes for Strength, Fitness, Energy & Good Health

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Jun 17, 2017: Good health is what which makes us look great and feel happy from both inside and outside. Fitness of health also helps to get rid of many diseases and brings improvement to our strength. Fitness classes are ideal to increase strength, flexibility, good health and much more. Awakeningchi is a fitness center in Santa Cruz, CA that offers Tai Chi and Chi Gong classes for all ages and skill levels.

They are highly appreciated for its effectiveness and many new classes are coming soon. Their passion is to assist others in their health and well-being. Awakeningchi believe that Tai Chi and Chi Gong are among the most accessible methods of achieving a healthy and happy life. The main objective of this center is to make people happy and bring serenity in their life. If you are looking for a fun, meaningful and friendly class environment, then Awakeningchi is the perfect destination.

Linda Gerson, one of the practitioners of Tai Chi and Chi Gong since 1992, has a profound desire to help others in their health and well-being. She is a certified Tai Chi instructor who has complete conviction in the healing benefits of daily Tai Chi and Chi Gong practice.

Chi Gong is the art of dealing with universal life force energy, to become stronger, healthier and calm. Chi Gong practice regulates and balances these energies. Tai Chi is a series of individual movements linked together to flow smoothly from one form to another. Tai Chi cultivates an overall balance between mind, body and spirit, and it is also fun to do.

About The Company:
Awakeningchi.org is a fitness center in Santa Cruz, CA providing Tai Chi and Chi Gong classes for all ages and skill levels to improve health, increase strength and flexibility. To know more please visit the website at http://www.awakeningchi.org/

Contact Details:
Business/Company Name: AWAKENING CHI
Local Address: Tannery World Dance & Cultural Center
1060 River St., Studio 111
Santa Cruz, CA
Phone Number: (831) 334-7757
Company Mail id.: lindag@awakeningchi.org


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