TESTEX Brings High Quality DIN Abrasion Tester Machine

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June 20, 2017: TESTEX is one of the leading developers and manufacturers of textile testing equipment since 1991, has come up with another new machine for the textile industry, the DIN Abrasion Tester. This equipment is manufactured using state of the art technology. TESTEX’s DIN Abrasion Tester is a superior quality and highly consistent testing machine widely used in rubber industries and rubber products manufacturing industries.

DIN Abrasion Tester is used to determine the abrasion of flexible materials like rubber, tires, transmission belts, sole, leather etc. This testing instrument is used to measure the abrasion resistance strength of rubbers by subjecting the material to abraded materials. The abrasion tester is provided with a wide testing area to meet the most requests.

The main difficulty that degrades the quality of the rubbers is the decrease in the materials when it is subjected to constant abrasion. This problem can be tested by using high-quality abrasion tester. TESTEX comprehends the obligation of rubber abrasion testing and manufactures premium quality of DIN Abrasion Tester. During the test procedure, the quantity of rubber reduced due to abrasion is measured.

All TESTEX machines are assured and tested according to German standards of quality, widely regarded as the best quality standards in the world. They offer a global technical support service for all of their customers, with many representatives around the world available in several local languages. Their lifetime after sales service is available 24 hours a day, and all customers are satisfied with the speed and quality of the reply.

About The Company:
TESTEX is a China based company that develops and manufactures a wide range of high quality textile testing machines like DIN Abrasion Tester at competitive prices. To know more about TESTEX’s DIN Abrasion Tester, visit http://www.textileinstruments.net/pod_pro.asp?id=424&DIN-Abrasion-Tester.asp

Contact Details:
Author Name: TESTEX
Business/Company Name: TESTEX Testing Equipment Systems ltd
Local Address: No.65, Dist.2, Dabeiwan, Changpin, Daojiao, Dongguan, 523000, P.R. China.
Phone Number: +86 769 2329 4842
Company Mail id: sales@tes.hk


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